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Barbara's Classes
For Info call 473-8550 or Email: dancencounters@gmail.com

Fundamentals of Argentine Tango Drop-In Class $8 (includes dance afterward)
Learn the basics of this passionate, creative dance

Sundays: 7pm

No Class August 16th, 2015

Intermediate Argentine Tango Drop-in Class $8) Sundays: 6 pm
Beginner Ballroom
Class $8 (includes dance afterward)
Check Here for the schedule of dances
Mondays: 7 PM
Intermediate Ballroom
Drop-In Class $8
Check Here for the schedule of dances
Tuesdays 8 PM
Beginner Swing
Class $8 (includes dance afterward)
Check Here for the schedule of dances
Wednesdays: 7 PM

Antoinette's Classes 

For Info call 227-4287 or Email: Capelli@aol.com

Antoinette teaches West Coast Swing and Salsa. Click HERE to see Antoinette's schedule

Raks Sheba'sClasses
Contact Raks Sheba 585-271-6536 or 585-509-5645 or email bellydanceinfo@yahoo.com

Raks Sheba teaches Belly Dancing at DancEncounters and several other locations.
For further information click HERE"

Gina's Classes
To contact Gina call 748-9574 or email her at danceforall@yahoo.com

Gina teaches West Coast Swing, Hustle, Nightclub 2-step, and Salsa on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Click HERE to see Gina's schedule






1) CLASS COSTS: All teachers are independent artists, and set their own class prices. You should check the cost of the class you wish to take, as prices vary from teacher to teacher.
2) QUALITY:We give you the best in dance instructions in 4 ways:
  • Small Class Size: The teachers do their best to keep all beginner/intermediate level small (~ 15 people per instructor) so you get plenty of dance time with the instructor(s) and develop good habits from the beginning! (Warning: pre-register in advance to ensure your favourite class is available.)
  • Class Standards: There is open admission to the "Introduction" classes. All other classes require specific dance abilities to attend. This way everyone enjoys the same class pace. We are glad to advise you what level class will help you the most.
  • Practice Opportunities: DancEncounters provides opportunities weekly to practice what you have learned. Check the Events calendar for the dances of your choice.
3) MORE CLASSES: Additional classes are added all the time -- call 473-8550 for the latest information.
4) PRIVATE AND GROUP LESSONS: including "Wedding Prep" are also available.

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